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The Battuto alla Contadina produced by the company I Contadini is a chopped mixed vegetable grown in the open field according to the tradition of Salento. A product made by a company with a long history of farmers driven by passion and the love for their land. A vegetables seasoning rich in Salento aromas and flavours that will become your key ingredient in your recipes!

Battuto alla Contadina is made from carefully selected and hand-processed vegetables. A GMO-free product containing only fresh and natural ingredients. Composed of 55% naturally sun-dried aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes, hand-chopped and hand-processed, 25% extra virgin olive oil and the remaining 20% is made up of a mix of ingredients that really bring out their flavours: such as pitted Leccine olives, capers, apple vinegar, aromatic herbs, whole grain salt and lemon juice.

A perfect product to spread made of fresh vegetables, very versatile and perfect for many occasions. Its taste is intense but not overwhelming and the bouquet is very pleasant: you can recognize the various hints of the vegetables together with the characteristic flavour of extra virgin olive oil. Notice how the vegetables are not perfectly the same size. The chopped vegetables appear ‘rustic’, just as if they had been prepared at home!

How to enjoy it

Battuto alla Contadina is a very versatile product, perfect for many different cooking occasions. For a snack or an appetizer, it is perfect just spread on a slice of toasted bread, perhaps adding a leaf of fresh basil. If you want to add an even more traditional touch to a platter of cold cuts and mixed cheeses, we recommend serving it on toasted bread with pumpkin chips. For more refined dishes, on the other hand, it is an excellent dressing for roasted or boiled meats. It can also be used to flavour pasta sauces or risottos.


The company I Contadini produces and transforms the products of its land, Salento, starting from the fresh product hand-picked directly in the production area, a few steps from the sea; this location gives to their products very special perfumes making them really unique from the first bite. The company is very careful in respecting nature and its seasonality and this can be seen in each of its products. From harvesting to processing and storage in jars, all stages of production are carried out according to tradition, by hand and without the use of chemical preservatives for a truly authentic taste. The vegetables are grown using integrated production techniques.

The vegetables of Battuto alla Contadina are harvested by hand and dried naturally in the sun on the farm’s plateau, enriching them with the flavours of Salento. Subsequently, all stages of processing are carried out with calm and care as per tradition; from cutting and grooming to preparation and packaging. The aubergines, courgettes and onions are, once ready, potted and seasoned with herbs and extra virgin olive oil.


Extra virgin olive oil (25%), dried aubergines, dried courgettes, dried tomatoes, onion, pitted “Leccina” olives, capers, whole salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice


Extra virgin olive oil (25%), dried aubergines, dried courgettes, dried tomatoes, onion, pitted “Leccina” olives, capers, whole salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice

Food expiration
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