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The Salumi Pasini brand embodies the values that inspire those who created it: quality, Italianness, tradition and innovation, care and attention to detail.

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Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition


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Discover some original ideas for dishes rich in taste.
Special recipes to make the flavor of traditions unique

Paella Tot 792x450 1 480x450

Paella with country salami

1) Start by preparing the vegetables broth and, when hot, pour a spoon of it (a ladle spoon) into a glass, and let the saffron threads soak in it for about an hour. Clean the vegetables and cut them into pieces (not too big, not too small). Remember to get rid of the...

Provola 480x480

Salad with fried provola chees bites

Cut the provola into cubes. Pass it in the beaten egg and bread it with cornflakes. Heat the frying oil, dip the recently made balls of provola in it and fry them for a few seconds so that the cornflakes are golden brown. Put them on absorbent paper in order to remove...

1920x800 0008 Stinco Alla Birra 480x480

Pork shank with stout beer and smoked potato pure

For the pork shank In a pan put some oil, chopped shallots, rosemary and sage and brown everything. Once get brown, put the pork shank, cover with beer, lower the heat and cook for 40 minutes. Once ready, remove the shank, put in a plate and cover with film to keep...

Guanciale Stagionato Cover

Charcuterie stories

Cured Guanciale

A typical ingredient in traditional Italian recipes, originally from central Italy. Made with high-quality raw materials for a product with a distinctive and unique taste. Discover how we prepare it.


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