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Tranatt Red Wine by Cantina Urbana is made from three grape varieties from northern and southern Italy: Syrah, Barbera and Teroldego. The combination of these grapes creates a very pleasant red wine with ruby-coloured reflections and a full, velvety and lively body.

The particularity of this wine also lies in the fact that its production is carried out in the city of Milan, in the Naviglio Pavese area, where the company is based. Cantina Urbana is, in fact, the first wine production cellar established in the city of Milan.

The company produces its wines by selecting the best grapes from a chosen network of trusted wine craftsmen and winemakers throughout Italy. The choice of the company to name this wine Tranatt has been made as a tribute to the Milanese taverns of the past. In fact, “tranatt” is a Milanese word that indicates the regular or occasional customer who frequented the traditional Milanese taverns, also known as “Trani”.

This wine is characterised by a ruby red colour and an intense, smooth taste with a spicy ending. Hints of vanilla and cloves can also be detected when tasting. It is a wine with a good body, excellent persistence and velvety tannins. Its bouquet is very pleasant and fruity, and blueberries and blackberries followed by scents of pepper and cloves can be recognized. The processing method of Tranatt Red Wine involves an initial vinification in steel, followed by refinement in second-passage French oak barriques for 12 months.


Tasting suggestions

Thanks to its softness and roundness, Tranatt Red Wine is a perfect choice for an aperitif, paired with a charcuterie board of cold cuts and mixed cheeses. Specifically, such as Cooked Ham, Felino Salami IGP and Cooked Salami accompanied by Primo Sale cheese with black pepper, Gorgonzola DOP and Brie. It also constitutes a good combination with smoked red meat. We recommend trying it with grilled pork chops accompanied by a loaf of corn seasoned with a little butter, or with rosemary-flavoured pre-cooked Ribs at a low temperature. Tranatt Red Wine is an excellent wine when young, but it also gives a pleasant taste experience when kept in the cellar and sipped later.

The ideal serving temperature is 16°-18°C and we recommend serving it in a medium-opening glass.

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