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Spaghettoni by Benedetto Cavalieri are a type of long durum wheat semolina pasta processed according to the ‘Delicate Method’ perfected by the founder of the company.

This pasta is produced strictly following the tradition of the Cavalieri family, whose aim since 1918 has been to produce quality pasta. Spaghettoni are made with the same recipe, processing and dedication as those made in 1918. Both taste and consistency have remained the same over the years.

Spaghettoni by Benedetto Cavalieri are appreciated both nationally and internationally. Their uniqueness and quality has been recognised in 2001 by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, which awarded the company with the prestigious Oscar at the Fancy Food Show in New York. They can also be found on the shelves of the finest boutiques and in the pantry of many prestigious restaurants.


Cooking characteristics

Spaghettoni by Benedetto Cavalieri, thanks to their traditional and artisanal processing and the careful selection of raw materials, are an excellent pasta for many recipes: from the most refined to the most ‘homemade’ ones. Being an artisanal pasta, cooking times are slightly longer than for traditional spaghetti. Just as for the processing, preparation takes time and care. 

Specifically, the 16-minute cooking time is certainly ‘worth it’ and those who already savoured this pasta can confirm that. Spaghettoni by Benedetto Cavalieri will remain perfectly Al Dente and firm after cooking.

Spaghettoni have a rough and porous surface, which makes them optimal for perfectly retaining any type of sauce. In terms of size, they are twice as long as normal spaghetti and are packed with an intact fold.

When cooked, they release a creamy, velvety consistency, ideal for whipping up the sauce you are going to use and making a perfectly compact and very tasty dish. It is difficult to advise you which sauce to serve them with, as they make any combination really unique and tasty!



Benedetto Cavalieri opened the ‘Molino e Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri’ in July 1918 with the precise aim of producing first-class pasta. On that occasion, he addressed his employees saying: ‘Each packet of pasta must ‘credit’ the next’.

A goal that Benedetto Cavalieri has succeeded in pursuing, receiving international recognition and becoming the symbol of quality and craftsmanship. 

Its fame is also due to the careful and skilful processing of the pasta, produced using only selected Italian durum wheat grains that grow mainly on the hills of Apulia and Basilicata, cultivated without the massive and frequent use of chemical fertilisers. Processing is carried out using the “delicate method”, characterised by prolonged kneading and pressing, slow bronze-drawing and low-temperature drying.


Durum wheat flour. May contain traces of soy. Wheat cultivation country: Italy. Milling country: Italy


Durum wheat flour. May contain traces of soy. Wheat cultivation country: Italy. Milling country: Italy

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Keep in a cold and dry place. Cooking time: 16/17 min
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