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“La Dolce” is a tomato sauce typical of Apulia, produced by the Apulian company I Contadini. 

It is obtained from small tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes variety to be precise, which grow in the open field during the month of April and are then harvested by hand between July and August.

“La Dolce” by I Contadini company is a tomato puree as good as the homemade ones. In fact, it is made according to the oldest Salento recipes handed down from generation to generation.

It is sweet and delicate both in scent and flavour. 

Just one taste of it will evoke Apulia, its scents, traditions and characteristic places. 

“La Dolce” tomato puree, thanks to its unique and sweet taste, turns out to be very versatile for cooking.

It is excellent for making tasty and flavorful first courses, but it is also perfect for making many other recipes, for example, it goes well with fish main courses. 

It is also very suitable as a topping for pizzas, toasted bread or bruschettas. 



The fresh cherry tomatoes used for “La Dolce” tomato sauce are processed according to a completely artisanal production method.

The cherry tomatoes are blanched, pureed and, finally, put inside glass jars with fresh basil, without salt being added.

The resulting product is a puree with a sweet and delicate taste composed of 99% cherry tomatoes and 1% fresh basil. 

“La Dolce” tomato sauce, as well as all other I Contadini products, is produced using the technique of integrated production in the open fields

The harvesting stage is carried out strictly by hand with an on-site initial selection of vegetables, which are immediately transported for processing. 

At this point, the vegetables are left to dry in the sun, just as tradition dictates, and are salted by hand

Sun drying allows unique organoleptic results such as the preservation of proteins, minerals and vitamins. 

Finally, they are packaged without the addition of preservatives. 



“La Dolce” is a tomato sauce produced in the Salento area. 

The devotion used to produce it and its origins make it a timeless product that is always great to taste. 

Tasting this delicious sauce is like getting a little taste of the wonderful land Puglia is.


Tomato (99%), fresh basil (1%)


Tomato (99%), fresh basil (1%)

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