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Smoked Provola is a fresh pasta filata cheese – typical of the Campania region and produced from 100% Italian cow’s milk – with a slightly smoky taste and known for its strong flavour.

It is characterized by a brown colour on the outside and an ivory-white, compact and soft paste on the inside.

This cheese is particularly appreciated for its intense flavour obtained thanks to a specific smoking process that gives Provola its typical taste and colour.

To enjoy Smoked Provola at its best, we recommend eating it au naturel, dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil as an appetiser or as a main course accompanied by raw seasonal vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes.

 It is also ideal to use for cooking to enrich traditional meat or fish recipes.

 Whether you decide to enjoy it au naturel or combined with other foods, its unique flavour makes Smoked Provola a product loved by everyone.



Smoked Provola is produced through processing similar to the mozzarella one.

Unlike the latter, which requires cool storage and has a short shelf life, Smoked Provola has a longer one thanks to the smoking technique to which this cheese is subjected.

This process takes place immediately after the ageing stage – essential to allow the cheese to have a firmer texture – during which Provola is placed in contact with burnt straw inside a closed environment.

The smoking process will give the product its characteristic appearance and aroma.


For cooking

 Smoked Provola is great to eat in its natural state but is perfect for cooking to create tasty dishes.

 In fact, you can use this cheese in various recipes that will furtherly enhance its unique flavour.

Among the most classic recipes, there is definitely the Pan-Smoked Provola, which involves putting thick slices of cheese on tomato sauce inside a nonstick pan and letting it cook for a few minutes. Due to its firm texture, the Provola will soften without melting completely.

Another way to consume Smoked Provola is to use it cut into cubes to enrich pasta dishes.

A classic example, typical of the culinary tradition of Campania, is letting the Smoked Provola melt with the heat of pasta with potatoes or other pasta dishes made with sauce.


Cow’s MILK, rennet and salt.


Cow’s MILK, rennet and salt.

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