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Nero di Sicilia is a typical Sicilian cheese made from 100% Italian pasteurised sheep and goat’s milk.

It is a food product born from very ancient dairy traditions, used in several Sicilian recipes for its particular taste given by black pepper. It is a cheese with a compact and semi-soft texture, characterised by the presence of a rind with a peculiar colour. In fact, the peculiarity of this cheese consists precisely in the black crust: during the production phase, the cheese is covered with extra virgin olive oil and then with freshly ground black pepper.

The inside of the cheese, on the other hand, is straw-white and the shape is cylindrical with a rough surface resulting from the shaping of the basket. This process makes the Nero di Sicilia cheese a unique product: with a particular and delicate aroma and a spicy and characteristic flavour, while maintaining a spicy note, typical of pecorino.

Nero di Sicilia cheese is therefore part of the family of “Canestrati“, in Sicilian “Canistratu”, a type of cheese produced throughout the island which takes on different names depending on the specific local production. The term “canestrato” derives from the basket in which the cheese is left to rest. At the end of the production process, the cheese takes on a cylindrical shape with flat and sometimes concave sides.

Nero di Sicilia is perfect for an aperitif and goes well with millefiori honey, jams or marmalades. It is also particularly tasty when eaten with fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade bread, broad beans, peas or fresh figs. We recommend pairing it with full-bodied, aged red wines.

The product is vacuum-packed to best preserve its organoleptic properties. Once opened, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 0°/+6°C, wrapping it in food-grade film, food-grade paper or a cotton cloth so that it retains its moisture.


The Nero di Sicilia is a fresh cheese, characterized by a semi-soft dough. During the first processing phase, the curd produced is placed in special baskets, left to rest for about 3 days and then placed in brine for 72 hours. Next comes the ageing phase, during which the surface is sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper and left to mature for about 10 days. It is thanks to this process that the pepper gives a spicy flavour to the product, giving it a slightly pungent aftertaste.


Pasteurised sheep’s and goat’s milk, ferments and rennet. Refined with olive oil crust and 1% black pepper powder


Pasteurised sheep’s and goat’s milk, ferments and rennet. Refined with olive oil crust and 1% black pepper powder

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Conservation tips
Store at a temperature of 0°/+6°C
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