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Edamer is one of the most famous and typical Dutch cheeses. It is made from cow’s milk, added with rennet.

It is a light, elastic, and soft cheese, light-ivory-coloured, characterised by very small holes on the slice surface.

The cheese wheels are spherical and in the Netherlands are traditionally covered in wax: red-yellow paraffin that makes them easily recognisable. These red Edamer cheese wheels have been awarded the PGI certification. For this reason, they are sold as Edam Holland PGI and are produced in the Netherlands.

Edamer cheese has a mild and delicate taste and a slightly nutty aftertaste. It is never spicy or savoury.

Its texture makes it perfect to fill sandwiches, or used with cooked ham to make traditional ham and melted cheese toasts, excellent both for a snack or lunch. It can also be cut into dice and served with a selection of cold meats and mixed cheeses, jams, and fresh fruit for an aperitif. In this case, we recommend pairing it with a soft, balanced, and slightly alcoholic red wine such as Chardonnay in Barrique or Dolcetto wine.




To produce Edamer, raw milk is processed and cooled to a maximum temperature of 6°C within 72 hours after milking. Otherwise, it is subjected to thermisation, which is a mild heat treatment. Then, milk is coagulated at around 30°C by adding animal rennet. The curd is then broken, pressed, and moulded. Finally, the cheese is salted in brine and matured for at least 28 days.

Edamer comes in different versions depending on how long it has been matured:

– Young Edamer is matured from two to three months

– Semi-aged Edamer is aged for six months

– Aged Edamer is aged for more than six months.

Obviously, the older the cheese, the stronger its flavour will be. However, it will never have spicy notes and it will remain very pleasant to the taste.


Interesting facts


Edamer, Edam or Edammer, takes its name from the cheese of Edam, a town near Amsterdam, placed in the Northern Netherlands (specifically in the Zuider Zee area). Edam has been famous for its cheeses since the Renaissance. Edamer has been produced in the Netherlands since the Middle Age, becoming one of the oldest cheeses in the country and a symbol of Dutch dairy culture, together with Gouda cheese.


Milk, rennet, salt


Milk, rennet, salt

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