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Pastorino Sardo cheese is a mature, semi-cooked cheese made from 100% Italian sheep milk, characterised by a white paste and a dark, smooth rind.

It is a cheese typical of Sardinia, produced in a traditional and artisanal manner by Sardinian shepherds who have been handing down the recipe of Pastorino Sardo for centuries.

Known to be a typical table cheese, it is characterised by a delicate yet slightly pungent flavour.

It contains a high amount of protein and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for bone development and good health.

Its strong flavour and unique taste make the Pastorino Sardo a particularly popular cheese all over the world. 

Pastorino Sardo stands out for its very high-quality production: in fact, it represents the Sardinian cheese-making tradition throughout the world. 

It is considered a table cheese and it is ideal to be eaten by itself at the beginning, or the end of the meal. It can also be served with cured meats – such as Prosciutto Crudo di Parma D.O.P. or Campagnolo Salami – or paired with bread, or its Sardinian traditional version – the Carasau bread – together with seasonal vegetables.

We recommend enjoying it with a glass of medium/high-structure red wine such as Barbera.

This cheese will take you back in time and make you discover the flavours of the past from the very first bite. 


Pastorino Sardo is a sheep milk cheese made exclusively from Sardinian milk and handcrafted according to the ancient cheese-making tradition of its region of origin.

The milk used to make this cheese is heated and calf rennet is added. 

Then, the curd is broken with a wooden stick and the paste is placed inside the moulds that will give the Pastorino Sardo its typical shape. Subsequently, it is pressed to allow the whey to escape. 

Finally, the Pastorino Sardo is dry salted.

The ripening process takes place in sufficiently damp cellars with good ventilation and can last for a variable length of time, but at least 30 days.

Pastorino Sardo cheese acquires its typical aroma and flavour thanks to the ripening phase.

Traditional cuisine

Fregola –  a cereal – is one of the traditional Sardinian dishes. It is the protagonist of many regional recipes.

The vegetarian Sardinian Fregola is a different but equally tasty variant. It is served with grilled or pan-fried seasonal vegetables and Pastorino Sardo.


Sheep’s milk, salt, rennet


Sheep’s milk, salt, rennet

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