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Foglie di Noce cheese is a pecorino aged in walnut leaves, typical of the province of Siena, in particular of the municipality of Montefollonico.

The rind is one of the main characteristics of this cheese: hard, straw-coloured and characterised by a flavour of walnut. The texture, however, is quite hard and compact with a white colour. As the name suggests, this cheese is made from 100% Italian sheep’s milk.

Foglie di Noci Cheese is a triumph of flavours and is ideal for adding flavour to sauces, soups and stews, but also to accompany mixed salads, meat carpaccio or on butter and sage ravioli. Thanks to its unique flavour, it is excellent to use as an aperitif accompanied by mixed cold cuts, such as pork bresaola or prosciutto, and a good glass of wine, such as the red Val d’ Orcia.

The product is delivered vacuum-packed and wrapped with string, so it is also suitable as a gift.

Historical notes

According to some legends, this cheese was born from a mistake made by sharecroppers and shepherds. In fact, in an attempt to hide the cheese from the owner to avoid sharing it, the shepherds placed the cheeses inside terracotta pots and covered them with walnut leaves to make them less visible. In fact, the particular maturing process that characterises this product is a technique that has its roots back in time. Shepherds used walnut leaves to wrap the pecorino cheese in the absence of cold rooms. This technique made it possible to protect the cheese from external agents, slow down dehydration and preserve the cheese for much longer. It also extended the shelf life of the product, which took longer to mature. It was an ingenious technique that allowed the cheesemakers to obtain a high quality product despite the limited tools available. Today, this type of preservation has become a characteristic method of maturing that gives Pecorino a strong and decisive flavour as well as a special taste.


The maturing process involves very specific phases which it is essential to respect for the success of the cheese. It all begins with the harvesting of the leaves of the walnut tree, which must be chosen carefully so that they are large enough and not dry. Then, after an initial seasoning phase, the Pecorino cheeses are left to mature between layers of walnut leaves for at least 90 days.


Pasteurised sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, selected milk enzymes, sunflower oil, crusted walnut leaves. Non-edible rind. Milk origin: Italy


Pasteurised sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, selected milk enzymes, sunflower oil, crusted walnut leaves. Non-edible rind. Milk origin: Italy

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