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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively with olives from Apulia by the Muraglia Oil Mill business, following a many-centuries-old tradition.

It is an Apulian oil that comes both from the strong roots of centuries-old olive trees and the history of a family that for five generations has carried forward the ambition to produce an Extra-virgin olive oil that aims at perfection. In fact, the Extra virgin olive oil is the result of the territory where it is produced and the processing method used.

The secret of this extra virgin olive oil lies not only in the fine variety of the olives used – the Peranzana variety – but also in the combination of tradition, knowledge, passion for the land, and innovation. The result is an olive oil whose every drop is unique, due to the history of the Muraglia family which has been producing its oil in the city of Andria – the symbol of the original Apulian oil – for over 150 years.

This product is shipped in a totally hand-painted ceramic jar.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruttato Medio is made from the awarded Peranzana olive variety, which produces an elegant and delicate Extra Virgin Oil with very low acidity and a balanced taste, which makes this oil perfect for delicate dishes, specifically, with fish or short cooking. It is also excellent for bruschettas with fresh cherry tomatoes or simply enjoyed with toasted flatbread and a pinch of salt. 

Extra virgin olive oil has also many nutritional properties. It is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties that protect the body cells, along with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that can help maintain normal levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

This oil has a characteristic golden yellow colour with very bright green highlights. The bouquet is rich and fragrant, dominated by the different characteristics of Peranzana olives and the scents of tomatoes, rocket, radish and artichokes can be recognised. The taste confirms the fresh notes perceived on the nose.




Muraglia’s Extra Virgin Medium Fruity Olive Oil is made exclusively from the awarded Peranzana olive variety, carefully selected and processed according to the traditional cold-pressing method.

The granite grinding machines used to break the fruit are characterised by a slow rotation that guarantees very low acidity levels and unique organoleptic properties.

This oil is certified as a 100% Italian product. 


Historical notes 


Muraglia Oil Mill business has been producing excellent artisanal and traditional products for five generations in Andria, the oil capital of Puglia. This company originates from the 450-year-old Coratina olive trees present on the company land in the Murge plateau, an expanse of around 40 hectares. Today their Apulian oil is one of the best known and most appreciated oils in the world, a symbol of quality and taste.


Extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin olive oil

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