The iconic from milan

The Milano Salami is characterized by a delicate taste and for its fine grain. Enjoy it sliced, it is a the unmissable companion for your outdoor escapes!

The spicy spianata

Well known for its strong flavour and a unique aroma obtained from the combination of the sweetness of fennel with the intense taste of chili. It is one of the most versatile among our selection of spicy meats. Try it out!

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Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition

The Salumi Pasini brand embodies the values that inspire those who created it: quality, Italianness, tradition and innovation, care and attention to detail.

Discover the tradition

Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition


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Spianata Piccante 1505EC 1


Porchetta Arrosto Alle Erbe Vaschetta SE09V3 4


Carpaccio Bresaola 1232JF 6

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Costine Precotte Piccanti PNPIC1 2


Mortadella Gran Aroma Tripack La Tradizione 2021 SE04V3 Scaled 1


Passata Di Pomodoro La Rustica PO0050 980x980x


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Discover some original ideas for dishes rich in taste.
Special recipes to make the flavor of traditions unique

1980x800 RICETTE 22 Copia 480x480

Hamburger with spicy salami, tomatoes and burrata

For the recipe: Cook the burger on both sides in a non-stick pan for 3-4 min per side. Cut the tomatoes into 4 parts and season them with a little oil, a few thin slices of Tropea onion, fresh oregano, salt and pepper q.b. In a dish place the tomato salad in the...

1980x800 RICETTE 3 Copia 480x480

Salted croissant with cooked ham, guacamole and egg

For the guacamole Clean the avocado, cut it into pieces, add the juice of a lime, salt and blend coarsely. For the poached egg Fill a pan with water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar, create a vortex in the water with a spoon and pour an egg in the center of the vortex...

Maggio2016 Web0004 480x480

Fusilli with broccoli and crispy bacon

Wash the broccoli and cut the tops. Boil them in abundant salted water which will then be used to cook the pasta. When the vegetables are almost cooked, crush a clove of garlic and put it in a pan with a little oil. After heating the oil, add the diced bacon and the...


Charcuterie stories

Chef Simone Tricarico

Young but with great experiences behind him: Simone Tricarico has a long experience abroad, where he went to learn from great chefs. When he came back to Italy, we interviewed him while he was working in Milan, where he prepared a special recipe for us!


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