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The Cotechino

Dec 17, 2020

Its origin is very old, originally from Emilia region, widespread all over the peninsula keeping its original recipe..

The History

In 1772 Antonio Frizzi, in his work “La Salameide”, declared Ferrara the home of Cotechino, but the first testimony describing the preparation, the characteristics and even the price of this substantial cold cut dates back to 1745 and is known as the document titled “giudici alle vettoglie” (“judges of the table”). The Cotechino is therefore an ancient, originally from Emilia region traditional product, widepread all over the peninsula keeping its original recipe. Today it is included in the list of traditional food products of five regions and it is permanently linked to Christmas traditional meal. It is also considered a good omen for the beginning of the New Year, especially if accompanied by a generous portion of lentils.

The processing

The mix of the different meats vary from region to region, sometimes from town to town. The process though that is commonly adopted for the preparation of the Cotechino is the gesture of filling the natural or artificial bowels, with a mixture of lean meat, fat and pork rind, flavoured with salt, pepper and spices and sometimes with wine. The product is then tied by hand and left to dry for one or more days. At the end of this rest time, the Cotechino is ready to become the protagonist of many recipes.

The quality of the product

Tradition and taste converge in the production of the Salumi Pasini Cotechino, produced by using only Italian meats, which are a tribute to its origins. A product that every year warms up the winter table of the whole peninsula, perfuming them with strong spices, combined with flavours which create a tasty bouquet that reminds about fireplaces, decorated tables and good intentions. You need just a bite of a steaming slice to create the magic winter atmosphere of the Italian traditional cuisine.

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