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The Campagnolo Salami

Oct 20, 2020

The “Campagnolo” is the most classic of all salami, with a characteristic aroma and an inimitable taste

The History

The Campagnolo Salami is a sausage coming from a long tradition and is among the most typical of Italian salamis: it is thought to  originally date back to  Roman times and  then perfected in the Middle Ages. Around year 500,  this salami got the name of “Campagnolo” (“Country”) salami.  Production in the Lombardy Region was commonplace and the first evidence of salami made in Brianza area dates back to the XIII-XIV century. There are several types of salami which are very different from each other, depending on the production process, the aging and the mix of meat and spices that are used to produce them. The “Campagnolo” one is the most classic of all, with a characteristic aroma and an inimitable taste.

The processing

This great classic of cured meats is produced with a balanced combination of exclusively Italian pork, salt, pepper and selected aromas. At the end of a slow seasoning phase, the product takes on its typical traditional flavour and scent. Only then is it ready for the table..

The quality of the product

Our Country Salami is still tied by hand, produced with a traditional artisanal process from a long lasting recipe. Enriched with spices and slowly seasoned, it has a unique and distintive taste.

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