Felino I.G.P. salami

Obtained from fine meat cuts and artisanally produced by hand, this salami is characterized by a sweet and delicate taste. Ideal for an appetizer or in a quiche.

Fresh meat

Fresh meat deliveries are back! Choose among the selection of fine cuts of highly selected meats. Artisanally produced from Italian tradition.

Ready to cut

The boneless cured ham is obtained from selected pork legs and handmade following the recipe of the Italian tradition. Discover the easy to cut packing, ready to be sliced!

Coming back to taste

Enjoy coming back from the summer with the pleasure of home cooking. The flavour of traditional meals with a twist of novelty: do not miss out monthly products’ selection!

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Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition

The Salumi Pasini brand embodies the values that inspire those who created it: quality, Italianness, tradition and innovation, care and attention to detail.

Discover the tradition

Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition


Discover some original ideas for dishes rich in taste.
Special recipes to make the flavor of traditions unique

Salad with peppers, fennel and grilled sausage skewers

Salad with peppers, fennel and grilled sausage skewers

Wash and dry the salad carefully. Place it in a sufficiently large bowl. Clean the pepper, wash it and cut it into julienne strips. Do the same with the fennel. Cut the sausage into pieces about 5 cm long. Thread 3 sausages onto each skewer and grill them for five...

Amatriciana pasta

Amatriciana pasta

Cut the guanciale into thin, small strips and brown it in a pan over low heat until it becomes lightly golden. Add the tomato sauce and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Put a pan with plenty of water on the heat, bring to the boil and add salt.Once the water has...

Saltimbocca with prosciutto crudo, white wine, sage, potatoes

Saltimbocca with prosciutto crudo, white wine, sage, potatoes

For the saltimbocca Arrange a slice of Prosciutto crudo and a sage leaf on each slice of veal. Block everything with a toothpick. Lightly flour both sides. In a pan add 100 gr of butter. Brown the saltimbocca on both sides for a few minutes on high heat. Sprinkle with...

Charcuterie stories

Fresh Salamella

We are glad to present the first a new video series related to our some of our best selling products. With a bit of pride and all the passion we have, the same we are putting on producing our traditional products, we wish you will enjoy it. You will also find it on our Youtube channel.


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