Padano salami

A salami which is seasoned for over 2 months, characterized by its natural aromas, sweet and delicate taste. A unique flavour from the Italian tradition

Light, delicate, tasty

Our roasted turkey is steamed slowly, and produced from the best meats. A perfect balance between simplicity and taste, for those who wants a light bite for any occasions

Sweet seasoned coppas

From the leanest and tastiest parts of pork meat and seasoned for at least 60 days, discover this cured meat with a delicate and refined taste

The taste of the coming

Light, sweet, salty, to be enjoyed outdoors but without forgetting good eating habits and especially the flavours of the Italian tradition. Discover the season’s product selection!

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Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition

The Salumi Pasini brand embodies the values that inspire those who created it: quality, Italianness, tradition and innovation, care and attention to detail.

Discover the tradition

Italian Experience

Lombard Tradition


Discover some original ideas for dishes rich in taste.
Special recipes to make the flavor of traditions unique

Tagliatelle with asparagus and Salami Padano

Tagliatelle with asparagus and Salami Padano

Clean the asparagus, keep the tips intact and cut the stem into rounds. Cut the salami into thin strips, in a pan add 2 knob of butter and let it melt with the addition of the asparagus and salami padano. Fry over high heat for a couple of minutes. Turn off the heat...

Mortadella with asparagus, strawberries and potatoes

Mortadella with asparagus, strawberries and potatoes

For asparagus Cut the asparagus into julienne strips. Place them in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of half a lemon, a little salt and mix. Leave to marinate for a few minutes. For the potatoes Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes...

Tuned turkey with blueberry and basil

Tuned turkey with blueberry and basil

For the tuna sauce Add the mayonnaise, a few capers, a can of drained tuna, the juice of half a lemon in a glass mixer. Blend until smooth and homogeneous. To Finish Place the slices of roast turkey, a few tablespoons of tuna sauce in a dish and finish with...

Charcuterie stories

Chef Matteo Fonduti

By his own admission, he has a strong affinity with pork and an unbridled passion for offal. A wonderful touch and a technique that allows him to use all the ingredients in a creative way, always finding a balance in the dish. This is Matteo Fronduti, chef at the Manna restaurant in Milan.


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