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The spicy lard

Jun 16, 2020

We are opening up the doors of the company’s production to show you how we make our products: protagonist of this first chapter is the Spicy Lard

The first chapter is dedicated to the long tradition and the artisanal process followed to create the quality of our products. The passion of the people who work to respect all the procedures represents our pride. This chapter is dedicated to the Spicy Lard, from its origin to his regional variation.

The history

The one used to prepare the lard, it’s an ancient technique: according to some, it was already known to the Celts and certainly the Romans used it: they already knew the goodness of the lard which was produced in specific places in Tuscany, for instance, in Colonnata. Over that area, in Roman times, the lard was a food for slaves, forced to work in the local marble quarries, and it remained widespread throughout the Middle Ages. 

The creative process

Different parts of Italy prepare the lard with different recipes, from Valle d’Aosta to Lombardy and Tuscany. The peculiarity from region to region might be the presence of spices, the type of flavourings used and some technical details on the processing, but one thing remains the same: the cut of the meat and its preservation by salting. A procedure that in the past gave the lard its precious nourishing quality and allowed it to be stored during the cold months. Nowadays, that same procedure grants the lard its unique flavour.

The quality of the product

As for the same ancient techniques, Salumi Pasini creates its lard following the traditional process, adding the experience from the long history of cured meat makers. The quality of the product is granted form the choice of prime quality meat cuts and all the spicy bouquet, giving the Spicy Lard a delicious touch. It stands out for its bouquet of aromas together with pepper, cinnamon and the peculiar touch of lemon rind: a citrusy note that gives the Spicy Lard an incomparably fresh taste. From an ancient tradition to a high quality product, perfect for satisfying the most discerning palates.

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