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The smoked bacon

Sep 20, 2020

Another chapter that opens up the door to our production. We are speaking about one of the product with the richest taste and an international glimpse: the Smoked Bacon 




In Romans times the smoked bacon was used for legionnaires, then, in the Longobards period, it was reserved for bricklayers, two professions united by the use of great physical strength, a coincidence? Of course not! On the contrary, this information allows us to define the bacon as an ancient product with recognised nutritional virtues. Today this timeless product is consumed in different shapes and in countless recipes, to give flavour and character to a pasta or a main course, or to make an international rich breakfast.

The processing 

Made from the typical cut of pork, the bacon, there are several fundamental phases to make Smoked Bacon. The first is trimming, in which the rind is removed or maintained, depending on the characteristics of the final product. Then the meat is salted and sprinkled with aromas, in a bouquet that includes pepper and, sometimes, nutmeg and cloves, and left to mature. The smoking is the last and important phase, essential to make the final product unique and irresistible.

The quality of the product

As famous as it is loved, the Smoked Bacon processed by Salumi Pasini conquers for its uniqueness and taste thanks to a precise and careful selection of meats, then flavoured for a long time with spices that are enjoyable  during the tasting, such as juniper and cloves, which enhance the smoky notes of the meat and gives it a range of strong and decisive flavours, one after the other, slice after slice.

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