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The Grissini with extra virgin olive oil “Terre di Puglia” are produced with the typical recipe of taralli, but with the shape of a mini-grissino. These Breadsticks are the result of the combination of the gastronomic tradition of Turin and the tradition of southern Italy, where the tarallo or tarallino is the unquestioned king.

The Grissino, called ghërsin in the Turin dialect, is one of the best known Italian products abroad; the tarallo, on the other hand, is a typical Apulian product which, thanks to its fame, has recently been awarded the PAT designation, or Traditional Italian Food Product. Is from the fusion of these two fantastic products of our tradition that these Grissini are born. Like taralli, they have a biscuit colour and are characterised by an opaque and smooth surface. The smell is dominated by the scent of the oil and the aromas used during production; the taste, on the other hand, is savoury and aromatic, with a typical and unique crumbly texture.

Crunchy and tasty, Grissini are perfect as a snack or to accompany cold cuts and cheese as an aperitif. They are also excellent as an accompaniment to main meals. We also recommend them with spicy wines with a fruity aftertaste and a sweet, non-aggressive flavour, such as Moscato di Trani DOC.


Grissini are produced in the same way as taralli. Their dough is composed of flour, water, white wine, salt and extra virgin olive oil. This dough can be modified by adding other ingredients to flavour it, such as fennel seeds (the most classic variation), but also aniseed, tomato extract, sugar or pieces of capocollo. It is also very easy to prepare: all the ingredients are mixed together to make an elastic dough, from which sticks of around 8 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter are made. In the case of taralli, these sticks are folded to form a ring with the two ends overlapping; in the case of our Grissini, however, the product is left as it is. At this point, the Grissini undergo two different types of cooking:

  • First, they are boiled in boiling water and oil until they rise to the surface;
  • Next, they are baked for about half an hour until golden brown. This double cooking is necessary for the Grissini to obtain the crunchiness and fragrance that make them so good to taste.

Soft wheat flour, white wine, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil (5%), salt


Soft wheat flour, white wine, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil (5%), salt

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