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Celline Olives are black olives typical of Puglia with a strong character. Following tradition and as a guarantee of quality, they are hand-picked in November and are produced without the use of preservatives.

They have a dark colour, a small to medium size and are stored in a sealed glass jar with the addition of only genuine ingredients such as water and salt. This allows the flavour, aroma and texture of the olives to be preserved. From the very first bite, you will notice the characteristic scents and taste of these Olives from Puglia. Indeed, they are excellent to eat on their own or to add taste to your recipes.

The company has been producing Celline Olives for decades, respecting tradition and artisanal cultivation. The I Contadini Company guarantee freshness and quality in the production of every single product. We select only the best companies in order to offer to our consumers high-quality, artisanal Italian products to be enjoyed with our cold cuts.

How to taste them

These olives are called “the ripe ones” because they are tasty olives with a strong character. They are ideal as a condiment for a variety of dishes, from pasta dishes and risottos to meat and fish dishes.

Celline Olives are excellent as a condiment for rice salad with mixed vegetables, pork and turkey wurstel or diced cooked ham. They are also perfect for a pasta dish with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and a few leaves of fresh basil. Or, if you want to prepare a tomato sauce with stronger flavours, cook them with the La Rustica Tomato Sauce adding some fresh chilli pepper and the Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni, for a real chef’s delight!

For a main meat course, we recommend veal shreds with La Dolce Tomato Sauce and black Celline Olives or the classic pizzaiola meat (with tomato and mozzarella cheese). When it comes to fish, Celline Olives go perfectly with any type of cooking and fish. For example, for a simple grilled cod with cherry tomatoes and black olives, or for the preparation of a baked sea bream accompanied by red onion, Celline Olives, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and fresh mint.

Finally, Celline Olives are also delicious simply baked at a low temperature for about half an hour with fresh oregano. In any case, served raw or cooked, as an accompaniment to a platter of mixed cold cuts and typical cheeses, they will give the right added value to your aperitif.


I Contadini products are characterised by a short supply chain, open field cultivation and hand processing. The Celline Olives are rigorously hand-picked in November, washed and divided by size. They are then subjected to a process of soaking in water to mitigate their more bitter notes. Finally, they are selected again by hand, one by one, and then potted in water and salt.


Olive Celline (67%), water, whole salt, lemon juice


Olive Celline (67%), water, whole salt, lemon juice

Food expiration
We guarantee Maximum Freshness of all products and the Conservation and Shipping to maintain their integrity. The expiry date depends on the format chosen and the type of product. For more details contact us.
Conservation tips
Keep in a cold and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Tasty after just five minutes of cooking in a pan
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