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Muletta Salami

Apr 23, 2021

Everything about this salami is very peculiar: starting from the name to its mix of spices and its intense flavour

The History

If the origin of this salami is undoubtedly Monferrato, there are many legends that orbit around the origin of its name. According to the most accredited version, however, the term “muletta” would refer to a Veneto dialect to indicate “young girls”. The myth, in fact, tells that the creator of this Piedmontese salami, during the Risorgimento, was forced to wear a military uniform and leave his native land to move to Trieste. Once he reached his destination, however, the young butcher was struck more by the loveliness of the young girls of the place than by the fervour of the war, to the point that when he was able to return to his village he created and dedicated this romantic salami to his muses.

The processing

Composed of an high percentage of fine pork meat, such as thigh, culatello and shoulder, the Salami Muletta differs from other salami mainly for the combination of aromas with which the mixture is enriched and enhanced, such as black and white pepper and nutmeg, mixed with an infusion of garlic and wine, which is often a Barbera, to honor another of the typical characteristics of Monferrato. Finally, the mixture is placed in a natural casing, different from the synthetic casing of other salamis, because it is considered more suitable for the long seasoning that awaits the Salami Muletta, which can vary from two to three months.

The quality of the product

Distinguished by a mixture of distinctive spices and a history of arms and love, the Salumi Pasini Salami Muletta is characterized by a composition of Italian pork meat and manual tying. During the ageing phase, then, the salami is left to rest for ninety days, waiting for the flavour and perfumes that distinguish this product to reach the intensity and persistence that makes it unique at the first bite.

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