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3. How do you cheer up your lunch break? With a proper sandwich!

How to bring a bit of good vibe into what it should be your refreshing break.

For someone the lunch break is just half an hour at the usual bar, the time needed for a toast or a sad salad. Others don’t even get up from their desk, they just eat quickly a packet of crackers, comfort food, or a yoghurt without taking off their eyes from the computer. And when you eat lunch at home, things don’t get any better: those who are in smart working often don’t have lunch at all, or eat at unlikely hours with what they find in the fridge; teenagers eat a pizza on the sofa while watching TV. Not exactly the best of set-ups.

How to bring a bit of good humour into what should be a refreshing break? With a proper sandwich! It seems really ordinary, but it’s not at all: the sandwich is easy and quick to prepare, it is a nice treat without requiring dishes, cutlery or cooking equipment. Easy to pack it to take it to the office and to be eaten at your desk… or rather in a small garden, on a bench, a refreshing way to get your mind and eyes off work. Moreover, if you eat it at home you won’t find yourself with piles of dishes to wash. Even more: you can put all kinds of ingredients in the sandwich, and with a careful choice you can create combinations that are good for your health.

For instance, vegetables should never be missing: tomatoes and salad, of course, but also grilled courgette or peppers grilled in the oven, aubergine or fresh onions, just to give a few examples. So what is the secret ingredient to make it perfect? That comes from your creative ideas to make it as you like it! Starting with the bread: do not use always the same type of bread. When we go to the baker’s, open our eyes, and experiment: crispy loaves, small baguettes, sesame sandwiches, wholemeal or 5 grain, rolls, durum wheat loaves. A variety of shapes and flavours that are able themself to be original. An assortment that will continue in the farce: vegetables, fresh and mature cheeses, tuna, roast beef, and above all cold cuts. Also in this case, there are more than just cured or cooked meats: a spicy Capocollo that has the scent of Southern Italy, the sweetness of a seasoned Culatta ham, the aroma of rosemary from the baked Coppa ham, some thin slices of Carne Salada (roast-beef).

There are so many choices you can make, so many possible combinations: why should you have always the same ones?

Combine taste and flavours and fun is granted, even during lunch breaks

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