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2. How to delight your Sunday with taste? With a picnic!

All the right ingredients to organize a pic-nic.

It’s your day off, the sun is shining and you are thinking about a nice getaway in good company.. These are all the ingredients for a picnic! In the mountains, at the beach, but also at a city park or in your own backyard: the settings are all good for the purpose. As it comes for the company, the picnic is suitable for families, with children, for a group of friends, perhaps armed with a guitar, but also for a couple in the mood for romance.

The mise-en-place is very simple: you need a blanket, a tablecloth (ideally with red and white squares), a basket, or even better the wicker basket, a cooler. The content can be various and rich: quiches and savoury pies, mixed salads, cold pasta and rice.. But above all, the must are sandwiches: the real symbol of the picnic. And what’s better than cold cuts to garnish them? Baguette with fresh butter and Cooked Ham or a loaf of bread with Cured Ham, highly appreciated also by children. For more delicious and peculiar options, we highly recommend focaccia stuffed with stracchino cheese and oven-baked Coppa ham.

Furthermore, there are so many type of bread to enrich the pic-nic basket with croutons, canapés and bruschettas. An example? A few slices of home toasted bread to season (on the spot) with Artichoke Cream or Battuto alla Contadina (minced vegetables), served with freshly cut slices of Campagnolo salami

All this, of course, served with a bottle of wine for adults and juices or soft drinks for children.

Are you ready? Just enjoy this wonderful Sunday!

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