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Salumi Pasini awarded with Save the Brand 2019

PRESS RELEASE Milan, November 27th

The charcuterie company from Trezzano sul Naviglio has won the great recognition as a best practice in the valorisation of raw materials.

As part of the Save the Brand 2019 event in the Fashion, Food and Furniture (“3F) sectors, at its sixth edition, organized by LC Publishing Group at the Four Season Hotel in Milan, Salumi Pasini was awarded for the valorisation of raw materials and the internationalization of the Italian gastronomic heritage in the charcuterie industry.

The motivation is flattering: the third generation of the company has invested in the development of the high quality charcuterie brand and in ecommerce, to bring the products of Italian tradition all over the world, enhancing the raw materials used in the productions.

The charcuterie company, in fact, uses only 100% italian raw materials for its products and has a production line with meat and ingredients coming exclusively from Lombardy, the region where the company comes from.

Together with the Trezzano Sul Naviglio company, thirty italian entrepreneurs were awarded at the event, attended by over 300 people from the business community. The Italian realities of the “3F” have been celebrated and have distinguished themselves for the value that they have amanged to build around their brand over the years, identified both by the editorial staff of LC Publishing and through the research “Fashion, Food, Furniture Brands – The Value of 3F company brands conducted for LC Publishing Group by ICM advisors. In addition to the economic performance, the elements analyzed included innovation, the internationalization level, branding and communication strategies, the capital opening to investors, the ability and speed to capture demand trends and sustainability. “We are very proud to have reached this milestone” – sayd Daniela, Andrea and Filippo Pasini, the third generation of the family – “This award is a celebration of our perseverance and our passion and gives us great energy to continue our daily work of enhancement and protection of the Italian tradition. Especially in such a difficult time for the charcuterie industry in our country, hit by a significant increase in the cost of raw materials due to african swine fever in China, we are convinced that only high quality and respect for the product are the way for a valuable production.”

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