1. How to settle an evening-time with friends? With a fine platter of cold cuts!

A winning idea to invite guests tonight when you are lazy and you don’t know what to offer, is a cold cut platter.

Salami, prosciutto, any of your favourite cold cuts, cheeses, you just need to remove them from their packaging and elegantly set on a simple serving plate or on a wooden chopping board. It will be the perfect aperitif for friends or the main course for a simple, yet full of taste dinner.

However, with a small extra effort you can make it even better: serve the cured meats with pickles, pour them into small bowls and place them next to the platter. Artichokes, savoury jams, dried tomatoes but also some grapes and walnuts: let your imagination carry you away!

Then, go to a bakery and buy two or three different types of bread and maybe some breadsticks with herbs or olives. On top of that, if you want to make it even tastier, take some focaccia. As soon as you get home put it all in a basket (with a napkin!!), ready to eat. Use the toaster to heat the bread for a few minutes if you have some extra minutes, to finish the preparation.

Excellent result guaranteed and dinner fixed in two minutes.