The value of small gesture: our Italian-style Christmas

The pleasure of a traditional and concrete present, without forgetting solidarity: a Salumi Pasini gift.

We will never forget this 2020: and for precisely this reason, our aim is to make these holidays unique and special, to rediscover the small, intimate and familiar pleasures, the small gestures that make a difference, with that unique Italian flavour that celebrates our know-how and our distinctive way of life. Salumi Pasini this year want to focus on certainties, paying special attention to the beauty and goodness that Italy has to offer: our aim is to bring to every home the small things that enhance our tradition, the pleasure of family celebrations, the memories of the tastes of our childhood that make us fell reassured with every single bite.

Our renewed and more user friendly website comes with fresh graphics and offers Italian traditional products with our special boxes. A treat for all tastes and senses, perfect to offer as gifts or to savour yourself for the pleasure of something unique and special. Enjoying products of different cultures allows us to travel through the flavours of the world and, therefore, to discover the typical features of Italian pork butchery. There are lots of choices, going from regional options to real tasting itineraries, with delicious trips into Italian traditions, aperitif kits or boxes set up for cooking easy recipes. Do you prefer ham pizza or pasta all’amatriciana? Size matters: we have designed a range of small packages for singles to larger packages for big families, in order to adapt to everyone’s needs and to suit the perfect the perfect gift idea. And if you are doubtful, you can opt for a gift card: a very appreciated thought that everyone can use to receive the products they love the most at home. For expert friends or for those who appreciate exclusive productions, as with every year, our “season’s homemade” products are available during Christmas: limited edition Zampone and Cappelletti del Prete, created with the family recipe. A very limited number of pieces are produced to guarantee their authenticity and are the ideal thought for those who love the flavours of the past.

Since Christmas is more pleasant when shared, solidarity is even more important at this time of the year. Our commitment to the De Marchi Onlus Foundation continues, a setting where every day is dedicated to the treatment of childhood haemopathies and tumours. The Foundation’s Christmas cards will be available for purchase in our e-shop, with the possibility of personalizing them by hand with a dedicated wish. All earnings from the sale of these cards will be donated to those who, every day, work for the care of children.

In addition, during the Christmas period, Salumi Pasini also wanted to support the main Italian food bank, Banco Alimentare. For each product purchased on Salumi Pasini online shop from 12 December to 12 February, Salumi Pasini will donate one euro to support the activities of food bank Banco Alimentare in aid of people and families in need.

Small gestures that we hope can bring some light to this Christmas.


Banco Alimentare
Since 1989 Banco Alimentare has been recovering food in Italy that is still intact and not expired and that would be destined for destruction because it is no longer marketable. Saved from waste, they regain value and become a resource for those who have too little. The Banco Alimentare Network operates every day through 21 Banco Alimentare Organizations located throughout Italy, according to the guidelines of the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus. The food recovered, 75,500 tons in 2019, is distributed free of charge to about 7,500 charitable organizations that have an agreement with the local Food Bank Organizations, allowing them to provide food aid to about 1,500,000 people in Italy. The activity of the Food Bank Network is only possible thanks to the daily work of more than 1,900 volunteers. For info:

Foundation De Marchi Onlus
G. and D. Foundation De Marchi Onlus was set up in the 1980s by a group of parents and doctors at the De Marchi Paediatric Clinic at the Policlinico di Milano and provides daily support to children undergoing treatment at the clinic, offering the best possible medical support and social integration. Many projects have been developed over the years with the support of its promoters, from projects such as Pet Therapy, art therapy, to the center for the treatment of sleep disorders, to financial aid to families, assisted holidays, psychological support, as well as constant training and careful coordination of its volunteers.