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Holidays Special: Let this Christmas be original!

PRESS RELEASE Milan, November, 14th 2019

The new Christmas hampers from Salumi Pasini are the perfect gift for everyone. And now that we are on TikTok you can see our salami dancing their way into the Christmas spirit!

Salumi Pasini tells, in each of its creations, an entirely Italian story. And for Christmas 2019 the brand decided to collect this story and describe it from its products, bringing them together in narrations of the territory.

For a gift that combines flavors and knowledge, the company of Trezzano sul Naviglio has identified fourteen packages, of different geographical origins, and has enclosed them through their more identifying products in elegant packaging that are first of all testimony of tradition.

he encounter between typical cold cuts, wines and other products of the great Italian gastronomy makes these boxes not just a gift box, but a real treasure hampers of the experience that can be lived in a journey through the regional productions of our country.

From Trezzano sul Naviglio to the Veneto region, passing through Tuscany and Piedmont, cardboard packaging, which also visually bring back immediately to the countryside and family meetings in front of the dining table, enclose the goodness of each territory and allow you to explore the typicality of each area, in a real virtual gastronomic journey.

Suitable for gourmet enthusiasts, the Christmas packages are the right idea for any gift that wants to reveal the concrete and genuine spirit of those who give with love, and with attention to the recipient.

And for those who do not want to give up the chef’s touch, here is the special selection of Davide Oldani, who has been working with the company for years, creating the Davide Oldani Prestige box, with three great products, to be enjoyed on holidays: Driss – the Salami, Schisc – the pork bresaola, Grass – the lard, and the Davide Oldani Deluxe package, with the 4 cold cuts created with the chef.

For the more traditionalists, however, there are the Pasini classics: cotechino, zampone and cappelletto del prete, suitable for long cooking and holidays celebrating the beginning of the new year, are a certainty. In the pre-cooked version, cotechino is also suitable for those who keep an eye on the clock even during the holidays. These products too, in the special packages thought by the company, can become a tasty thought and tell a regional tradition made of concreteness and flavor, taste and territory.

Do you have very sophisticated friends that want to make a gift at a high customization rate? On the company website you can select the products you want and insert them in a gift box, which will be tailored for you. Adding greetings in the notes, the packaging department of the company will write handwritten cards that will accompany the gift, for an even more personal effect.

And to keep its soul of a company always at the forefront in communication, Salumi Pasini closes its 2019 landing on TikTok: the most beloved social network of young generations becomes the new territory to be explored for the last generation of the Pasini family, which has put itself into play and lets ‘dance’ its salamis on the virtual platform. This is certainly a young and unusual way to promote the company identity, rooted in the past but with a great push towards the future and towards tomorrow’s enthusiasts.

Salumi Pasini – a family history

After seventy years of experience in cured meats, as a private label supplier of the major brands of the Great Organized Distribution and after an international expansion, it’s the third generation to identify their future history with the family name. Born in 2014, with the advent in the company of the last generation, the brand “Salumi Pasini”, strongly wanted by young family, who offered a new vision and a new stimulus to this company of great tradition. The young team has consolidated in recent years the presence of the company on the market with its own brand in the GDO, in the channel Ho.re.ca., an on a owned e-commerce channel, and with an always avant-garde communication in the marketing activities and on the social networks. Alongside the traditional lines, the group has also designed the line “Salumi Pasini – FOO’D”, an exclusive range of products made together with chef Davide Oldani: The Pasini family tradition has been combined with the creativity of the michelin starres chef, to create new balances of taste.

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