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Castellanza Butchery

Dec 2, 2020

The video interview with Giancarlo Castellanza, heart and soul of the Castellanza butcher’s shop, historic landmark in Trezzano sul Naviglio.

Butchers are driven by a great passion, especially if this interest began as a child: this is what happened to Giancarlo Castellanza, who grew up in the family’s historical shop, which opened in 1963 in the centre of Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milan.

Initially he watched the work with his childlike eyes from behind the shop counter and then the desire to become involved immediately followed. Being the “butcher boy”, Giancarlo learnt all the secrets of the profession, which nowadays he continues to apply with passion in his professional life. This passion continues with his choice of products that fill the counter: since its foundation, Macelleria Castellanza has always selected the most genuine cold cuts in order to offer his customers high quality products, where their provenance is guaranteed. That is one of the secrets of this timeless butchery, where the choice of the products is driven by Mr. Castellanza taste, and his lifelong experience of charcuterie. An experience that began with his grandparents producing cold cuts at home and which continues as he shares his love for the wonderful flavours that reminds him of his childhood.

This authenticity and tradition drove him not to yield to industrialization and not to do things in a hurry. At this shop they do everything properly, calmly, and as in the past, with a craftsmanship that means attention to details, attention to service and with patience advice during the shopping experience. This is what makes the difference and that still leads many to choose his shop. Right at the core of this choice lies the advice of a person who, thanks to his lifetime of experience, is able to understand what the consumer really needs and wants, and to satisfy him in the best possible way.

His interview is a combination of that spirit: shy, generous, calm, professional.

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