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An authentic christmas, paying attention to the environment: the zero waste box

This year more than ever, we are showing solidarity for a no-waste, convenient winter, and holiday season.

Today’s market and post-pandemic contingencies cannot be ignored, and as a company, we could not but respond by getting closer to the demands and needs of our customers with multiple initiatives and commitments.

The first and most important news is the creation of the ZERO WASTE BOX. For years we have been working with TooGoodToGo applying the “Don’t Waste” Label, in order to raise awareness about food waste caused by the difficulty in understanding food expiration dates. We wanted to go a step further and create a box containing all those products considered surplus or unsuitable for marketing – for example, because of their aspect or because they are too close to the expiration date – but still perfect for consumption. Therefore, the aim is to prevent these products from being thrown away, causing the unnecessary waste of valuable resources.

It is a tangible choice to reduce food ecological footprint and contribute to the well-being of the planet, preventing food still suitable for consumption from being thrown away, causing negative consequences for both the planet and mankind.

The ZERO WASTE BOX will contain cured meats, sliced meats in trays, practical savoury snacks, fresh meat and much more: a fine selection at a very convenient price. The pack will be available for purchase at our Salumi Pasini online shop in limited quantities every week

In addition to this big news, it is important to remember how to love and pamper yourself and choose tasteful products. For this reason, like every year, we have created special Christmas bundles that not only satisfy even the most demanding palates but are also valuable gifts at very advantageous prices.

The typical Italian quality will allow you to find a lot of options on our e-commerce to satisfy everyone’s culinary tastes and desires. From “New Years Eve Dinner” and “The Italian Christmas new holiday-themed gastronomic hampers; to “Italian Excellences” and “Flavours Harmony” Food Hamper – full of the most famous traditional Italian products; to “Pasta Lovers” and “Cold Cuts and Cheese” Gift Boxes for the real lovers of good traditional cuisine.

The choices are countless, from regional variants to real tasting tours. Authentic journeys through the Italian traditions, aperitif or recipe kits, whose convenience will win you over. Size also matters. From small packs for singles to larger ones for bigger families, everyone will be able to find the most suitable option – for themselves or as a gift – in the vast selection of products.

And if indecision leaves you no choice, you can always opt for the gift card: a very welcome thought that everyone can use to choose their most loved products and receive them at home.

For those awaiting with great anticipation the Limited-Edition Christmas traditional products, as every year, both Zampone and Boccia di Cotechino are available. Following the family recipe, a limited number of items are produced in order to guarantee their authenticity.

Lastly, we continue supporting the De Marchi Onlus Foundation – devoted to the treatment of paediatric hemopathies and tumours – and Banco Alimentare, a foundation that recovers food surplus and redistributes it to charities.

You can find De Marchi Foundation Christmas cards on our e-commerce and request handmade customisation with a dedicated greeting. The proceeds of each greeting card will be entirely donated to the Foundation.

Alongside this initiative, from 15 October 2022 to 6 January 2023 for every product purchased on our website, one euro will be given to support Banco Alimentare and its activities in favour of people and families in need.

Salumi Pasini – the story of a family

After seventy years of experience in the cured meats field as a private label supplier to major supermarket chains and after an international expansion, the third generation has chosen to run the business under their family name. In 2014, with the arrival of the latest generation in the company, the “Salumi Pasini” brand was created, strongly desired by the youngest family members, who have offered a new vision and stimulus to the company. Over the last few years, the young team has consolidated the company’s presence on the market using its own brand in the large-scale retail trade, the Hospitality Industry, and the e-commerce channel, and an always-at-the-forefront type of communication both in the marketing activities and on social networks.

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