Campagnoli Gastronomy

Campagnoli Gastronomy

The video interview with the owner of the Campagnoli gastronomy, since 1955 the delicatessen showcase of Corso Vercelli in Milan

A delicatessen showcase on one of the most fashionable courses in the city, thanks to a meticulous attention to details and to the maximum care for the preparations and the mise en place of any products. A counter full of specialties and products chosen among a very attentive and selective producers. A story of passion, great professionalism kindness and attention to clientele.

This is the secret of Campagnoli gastronomy success, an historic Milanese brand that has always been a point of reference in the city since 1955, with the same quality and care as the first day.

Among the candies, cakes, savory pies and fresh pasta, the cured meats stand out. Not to mention, Salumi Pasini has a primary spot, since it provides products to the gastronomy for fourty years.

Vittorio, who leads the family business today together with his brother Carlo, tells us the story of this special place. Always keeping in mind the neverending charm and choices of the past, he is ready to listen to his customers and keeping an eye on the modern market, which is nowadays asking for ready-to-go products and more services. But for sure, any choice, always to be taken in the name of authentic quality and care.

Macelleria Arosio

Macelleria Arosio

The video interview of the traditional Arosio Butchery protagonists. Quality and passions since 1962


A family story that tells of the attachment to the profession, an ideal, a boundless passion for charcuterie products, which became part of their everyday life. This is what you can perceive as soon as you step in the Arosio butchery. Just in few weeks the third generation will be stepping in, witness of a long tradition dating back to 1962.

Over the course of these decades, the butcher shop has increasingly become a point of reference for the Barona district of Milan. The place experienced generations of changes, always trying to serve all the different requests and need of its loyal clientele who animate the counter. For instance, over the years the increase number of single persons leads to smaller portion and at the same time there is more attention and consciousness about the meat origin, the breeding and the transformation process.

For this reason, for over 40 years they have always chosen suppliers that guarantee ethics and respect, which are in line with the family principles.

On the day of the interview a new step, then, as the owner is ready to give room to the next generation member who does not have the same surname, but who has been working behind the counter for more than 30 years. Always considered active part of this family, he will continue to carry history and tradition forward.

We interviewed Maurizio Arosio, also President of Federcarni, the National Association of Italian Butchers, which tell us about his family story between cured meats, quality and passion