Pork shank with beeswax, true morels’ sauce and onion preserve

Preparation time: 30 min


people 4


Preparation time: 30 min

people 4


For the Pork Shank

Cut the Pork shank in cylinders and immerge them in the melted beeswax.

Place them in vacuum-sealed bags, and heat them in water at 57°C.

For the true morels

In a saucepan, heat the Madeira wine and let it reduce, then add the true morels’ water and at last the cream.

Add salt to taste.

To finish

Place the sauce at the center of the plates, then the pork shin, the onion preserve, and at last the true morels roasted in the pan.


For the pork shank
  • 1 precooked pork shank 500g
For the true morels sauce
  • 100 ml cream
  • 60 g true morels water
  • 80 g Madeira
  • 4 g salt
To finish
  • 50 g melted beeswax
  • 100 g compote of onions
  • 4 true morels