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Lidia @nonsolofood : Italian influencer

Feb 3, 2021

Lidia “Nonsolofood”: when social media make a dream come true

Her name is Lidia Forlivesi, her alias is nonsolofood and she doesn’t stay in one place for too long. This is clear when you find out she has lived in fourteen different places with each move experienced as a fresh new start. Lidia has a natural vocation for beauty and a spontaneous sense of hospitality. A strong need to communicate the fascinating stories about travels and adventures, with New York as a background to her most fulfilling professional and personal experience. 

Lidia discovered Salumi Pasini during an event and since then, she has been fond of it. The Salumi Pasini cold cuts have been a constant presence in her kitchen and she is always recommending them with passion and enthusiasm. Her passions also include vintage markets, exhibitions, trips all around Europe and cuddles with her beloved dog Bruno.

Where does your passion for food come from?

I was always fond of cakes and I started to cook them quite frequently while I was studying. I wanted to start working in the food business but there were no specific schools in Italy, so I choose communications. After graduation I could finally enroll at the master’s degree in food and wine journalism with Gambero Rosso (the finest Italian cooking association). Then I decided to move to New York, where I thought there might have been wider opportunities for me and I started out cutting cakes at the Italian coffee bar and restaurant Sant’Ambroeus. My planned eight month adventure became a six year epic as I gradually worked up from the cake cutting to fully managing their events department. Needless to say, the experience was the greatest from every point of view.

What happened next? How ‘nonsolofood’ was brought to life?

When I came back to Italy in 2010, it wasn’t easy to settle in again: I had to deal with a very different way of thinking than the one I had become used to. I did some consulting work but without much satisfaction. So I started creating my own website, because I wanted a personal commitment.

I thought I could also set up a social media presence, all by myself because I wanted to learn how that side of a business worked. Then I had the idea to organize the “social eating”: a Sunday breakfast, sort of a brunch that reminded me of my New York habits, with my followers and friends. That idea, which was really innovative at the time, gave me a lot of visibility. People were enthusiastic to experience what they were seeing on social networks with an authentic interaction that showcased all my commitment and passion. Following that success I organized also the burger night, where I cooked everything by myself from the bread to the sides. Hot dogs and champagne, also had a great follow up and, before I knew it, it became my job.


If I say cold cuts, what is it coming to your mind? 

I’m from Romagna region, so for me Piadina! It’s a very simple but delicious meal, with ham or salami and it is enough to make me happy. In the place I am coming from it’s a big classic that everyone eats at any hour of the day. 


What are your favourites?

Generally, I like to eat cold cuts as they are, without too many additions. Sundays breakfast or during the weekend, I never miss a piece of toast with cooked ham.  And then there is the guanciale for the carbonara pasta: you cannot say carbonara without Salumi Pasini’s guanciale!

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