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Giorgia Polo @giorgette_p: Italian influencer

Mar 25, 2021

Graphic designer, minimalist and practical: the story of an atypical influencer.

Giorgette lives in a super hipster corner of Milan with her family. Born in Trento, she moved to Milan to study at the IED Design School and became a real Milanese. Together with her partner Gabriele and Giulio, their little son, she is now an influencer on Instagram. Her profile @giorgette_p is one of the most followed among food influencers and she became famous for her simple style, great photos and the family atmosphere that is her trademark. Live, she looks exactly as she does on Instagram: warm, simple, determined, creative. And her bright and tidy home reflects perfectly her nature.

When this adventure started?

I opened my profile on instagram in 2010, and from 2013 I began to see the first results. During those first years the platform had a system that rewarded contents and my profile started to have a good visibility. I think they liked my ‘graphic’ style of describing recipes and dishes in a visual way. I have always shared food contents, focusing on desserts, that are my favourites.

Why did you choose Milan for your studies and your life?

I am a graphic designer, and I work as a photographer for brands and companies. Milan was the logical choice and studying at the IED was a fundamental step for me. Trentino is amazing for holidays but leaving there should have meant losing job opportunities and professional growth that a big city can offer.

Have you given up your job to focus only on your Instagram profile?  

At the moment I still have my job and then I also manage my profile. In fact, I would never want to leave my main profession, which I really enjoy. Managing my profile and the blog is a job too but… I don’t know if I am really an influencer. I became an influencer before the word ”influencer” was even invented, so I don’t feel like I’m doing a real ”job” in that sense. It’s more sharing my experiences: I put my creativity into photos, I try to take shots that are a bit different and tell the story of my everyday life.

How has Instagram changed since you started?

The relationship with followers has changed over the years: at the beginning there were more authentic and real relationships, now everything is a bit more constructed, I think there is less spontaneity. I prefer to continue to show a bit of everything, to tell my everyday life. And since Giulio’s arrival, I have also intensified the contents dedicated to mothers: when you are living this unique moment, you tend to seek advice from other mothers, because you are never certain of what you are doing: sharing moments and advice is essential.

Do you love cold cuts? What is your earliest memory related to cold cuts?

I do love cold cuts a lot! I even did the graphics for the packaging of a local company a few years ago. As my roots are from Trentino, the first cured meat I remember is speck, which was always there at my house and was also used for cooking, for example in spatzle. And they were always present in my house: ever since I was little, every evening at dinner my mother would always prepare a platter of cold cuts. And as children we always tried to steal a few slices before dinner. Today I have to say that I am a big fan of bacon: I love it!.

Your favourite recipe?

In our house, cooking always means teamwork: Gabriele and I always cook together. Gabriele is better with pasta sauces, but I am unbeatable when it comes to oven cooking and desserts, which are my specialty. She prepared for us toasted bread croutons with Salumi Pasini lard, cherry tomatoes and thyme: very simple and delicious.

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